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Stockade temporarily closed due to health and safety concerns

The stockade in Selwood Street is now closed due to health and safety concerns.

The site could not be cleared by the local authority due to waste that should have been disposed of elsewhere, in line with waste disposal regulations, having been left there. Fly tippers were also using the site to dispose of waste illegally.

Due to the nature of the waste being left in the stockade, rats and foxes were encouraged to nest there, creating a health and safety issue for the whole estate.

BGMCL arranged for a private contractor to clear the site in August. The stockade remains closed while BGMCL considers options.

All bin stores are open as normal, but should not be used to dispose of anything other than recycling and regular household waste.

Debris from refurbishments to properties should be removed by contractors doing the work, not left on site for the entire estate to bear the cost of removals.

If you’re replacing white goods, most suppliers will take away and recycle your old one when they deliver your new appliance.

Lambeth Council offers a bulky waste collection service for a small fee.

Currys, in Effra Road, operates a recycling service for small electrical appliances.

You can find out what to do with all types of rubbish and waste on the council website.