Selling your property

Wellers Law Group LLP handles all sales of properties at Brockwell Gate. If you’re selling, please instruct your solicitor to contact Wellers Law Group.

They also deal with re-mortgage enquiries.

Contact details

Wellers Law Group LLP, Tenison House, Tweedy Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3NF

Phone: 020 8464 4242

Fax: 020 8464 6033

DX: 5713 Bromley


For sale or to let signs, or any other related signs, are not allowed in or on any flat or on any property on the estate, or communal areas.

Please inform us as soon as you have agreed to see your property. We can provide you with information to help you and your solicitor to ensure the transaction is as quick and efficient as possible. Email

Service charges

Under the terms of the lease for flats, and transfer for houses, service charges are due in full on 1 January each year. Therefore, you should ensure you settle the current year’s service charge and any outstanding charges from previous years in full before beginning the sale process.

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