Refuse and security

Bin stores

There are 10 bin stores on the estate. Steel bins are for general rubbish. Green bins are for recycling.

The bin stores are at:

  • Blackburn Court
  • Leigh Court
  • Bascombe Street (two near Dudley and Herbert Mews)
  • Bascombe Street (two in Brockwell Park Row)
  • Selwood Street (near Brockwell Park entrance)
  • Hunter Court
  • William Cole Court
  • Melville Court

Please keep the bin stores tidy and don’t leave rubbish on the floor as this attracts rodents. If the bins are full in your nearest store, try another one.

Collection days are Tuesday (refuse) and Wednesday (recycling).

Large items should not be left on the floor or in the bins. We have to remove these, which incurs a cost that is passed on to residents in the service charge.

Recycling (green bins)

Please do not put recycling in the steel bins nor general rubbish in the recycling bins. Any general rubbish in the recycling contaminates the whole bin and it is sent to landfill.

Recycling that is accepted includes:

  • Paper and cardboard: All paper, cardboard, catalogues, directories and Yellow Pages (not shredded paper)
  • Food and drink cartons: All food and drink cartons, including Tetra Pak (please rinse and flatten all boxes)
  • Glass bottles and jars: All glass bottles and jars (please rinse). No broken glass
  • Cans and tins: All drink cans and food tins (please rinse and empty)
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays: Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays including margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and any other types of plastic food containers (please rinse and remove film)

Stockade for Large Items

There is a stockade at the end of Selwood Street for larger domestic waste that cannot be reused or recycled. Find out more on our Estate Facilities page.

Email for the password.


Trespassers are regularly looking through the bins, particularly just before they are emptied. This is a security risk for all of us. They may also be looking at unlocked cars and properties or identity theft. It has also made some residents feel insecure, especially at night.

They are largely looking for clothing. Please take away this temptation and give unwanted clothing to charity rather than throw it away.

If the automatic light is not working in your bin hut, please report it to us by emailing

Contact the police

Contact the police in these instances:

  • trespassers in the bin huts
  • people trying to gain access to properties/cars
  • trespassers in large groups

Let the police know the time, location and a description of the individual(s). This is helpful to the police, especially if the same issues are happening elsewhere in the borough.

In an emergency, dial 999. Otherwise call 101 or contact the Tulse Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team.


Shred any documents with personal details on, e.g. bank and credit card statements, pay slips, bills, old passports. All of these are regularly thrown into the bins and recycling without being shredded. A shredder is a small cost compared with having your identity stolen.

Keep doors and windows closed and locked if you are not in the room. There are occasional opportunistic burglaries on site so let’s not leave any opportunities.


Donating goods no longer needed:

  • helps others in need
  • reuses resources
  • stops interlopers coming on site

Some charity shops can collect furniture from your home. There can be a few weeks waiting list so please plan in advance.

Furniture and electricals

Clothes, books, household