Gate Zappers/Fobs
Leaks – water or gas
Gas, water and electricity supply
Electrical Supply Boxes

Gate Zappers and Vehicular Access

Owners of Flats and houses having allocated parking spaces will have been issued with a ‘zapper’ to permit vehicular access to the estate.

Batteries can be changed. BGMCL currently charges £60 for any new/replacement zapper. Please complete this form if you would like a zapper.

Where flats are let, tenants should ask their landlord to obtain a gate ‘zapper’ if one has been issued to them.

When using the entry phone system, only open doors or gates when you are certain of the identity of the caller.

Mail Boxes / Replacement Mailbox Keys

Postboxes are the responsibility of the property owner and must be emptied regularly. If you lose your letterbox key, please provide us with your post box key serial number by emailing . We will send you a replacement letterbox key form and details of how to pay so that we may order you a replacement.

If your post box is damaged, e.g. by Royal Mail or delivery companies pushing packages that are too large into your post box, please notify them at the time and ask them to pay for damages.

Faults and Problems

We appreciate your kind help in reporting faults which need attention. Some issues could be:

  • streetlights
  • lifts
  • cleanliness
  • entry doors to blocks of flats

Please either call or email us:

Call 020 7100 8685 and leave a message. This may be useful if you spot something on your way out of the estate. You may wish to store the number in your mobile phone for added convenience.

Email: Your message will be passed to maintenance for repair.


An extensive programme has been undertaken by Brockwell Gate Management Company Limited’s team of gardeners. If you note any plant, which requires watering, or some other care, please report it to us.

Leaks – Water or Gas

In the case of flats, any leaks of water etc must be reported to the company as soon as possible to allow these to be rectified and to comply with insurance requirements. In the majority of cases, leaks within flats are caused by pipes in the flat above (for example the outflow from a dishwasher or washing machine). Please ensure that you establish communication with your upstairs neighbour and request that their appliances are checked over. We may also be able to take steps to repair the damage or, for example, to prevent further escapes of water from other flats into your own property.

Smell Gas? To report a gas or carbon monoxide emergency, or if a pipeline is struck (even if no gas leak has occurred) call the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on 0800 111 999. 


Residents are responsible for issues related to internet connections and/or landlines and should liaise with their contracted supplier to get any faults resolved. BGMCL cannot be held responsible for any faulty connections.

If you are changing internet or landline provider, please see the section on electrical boxes below.

For the flat owners, in case of loss of TV signal by all residents of a particular block, please raise this issue with BGMCL and we will get the common aerial checked.

Gas, Water and Electricity Supply

Houses: gas and electricity meters are placed in cupboards or boxes outside the property on the boundary walls. Water meters are situated beneath the footway in front of the property.

Flats: meters are located in cupboards on the ground floor of the common areas. Some flats have their gas meter located in a cupboard in the kitchen. Owners of flats and houses, including landlords, will have been issued with keys to the cupboards housing the meters, and tenants should obtain the keys from their landlord if they wish to gain access to a meter cupboard.

The location of stop-taps varies from property to property. A good place to look is in the boiler cupboard or under the kitchen sink. You should enquire about the location of these when purchasing or taking over your tenancy from the landlord or vendor as appropriate.

Electrical Supply Boxes

Access to the communal electrical supply boxes (Ryfield boxes) is only permitted by qualified electricians. Requests for the key must be made in advance by emailing or leaving a message on the Brockwell Gate voicemail: 020 7100 8685.

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