Estate Rules

Car Parking
Lobby areas and stairwells
Security and access
TV aerials and satellite dishes
Smoking and smoke alarms
Structural changes or extensions
Absence from property

Car parking

Some owners/Shareholders have access to a dedicated parking bay. If you have a bay, please park your car in this bay in the first instance.

  • Specific parking bays are to be used by their owners only; no one else should use these bays without the owner agreement. If a car is wrongly parked in your bay, we suggest leaving a note on the window of the wrongly parked car in the first instance.
  • Please refer to the plan that was provided to you with your lease when you purchased your property.
  • If you have a bay, please park your car there rather than taking up the limited visitors’ spaces.
  • Do not park on red lines or pavements, nor on roadways. Unmarked car park areas can be temporarily used by residents’ guests.
  • As per the Highway Code, road markings/signs apply (e.g. red lines, etc.). All cars need to have an up to date MOT certificate and should be taxed and insured. SORNs are not allowed to park on the development as Brockwell Gate is classed as a highway.
  • Untaxed/uninsured/abandoned vehicles will be notified to the council and removed from the estate.
  • Overnight parking of delivery and commercial vehicles is not permitted anywhere on the estate, irrespective of whether you have purchased the space or have use of a space.
  • Please do not empty ashtrays or rubbish from cars onto the estate nor allow your vehicle to drop oil onto the block paving.


The covenants for both flats and houses prohibit residents from causing a nuisance to other owners and tenants by making excessive noise. Noise from TVs, hi-fis, radios etc, and from musical instruments must not be such that it can be heard by any neighbour.

Please refrain from causing excessive noise from cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. Please also be aware of noise in the lobbies and entrances to the apartment blocks.

Noisy neighbours may not be aware of the problems they are causing. However, conversational and other noise from flats, houses and gardens can also cause a nuisance to others. Residents should always consider the potential noise impacts of planned events. As a good practice, a prior notification should be given to the impacted neighbourhood. On the day please keep the level of noise within a reason, and up to a reasonable time. Please refer back to the lease for guidelines.

If you are upset by noise from a neighbouring property please aim, where safe to do so, to resolve the issue with them. You can also report the noise nuisance to Lambeth Council’s noise control team.
If there are repeat occurrences of noise nuisance which causes a property to be in breach of covenant then you may report to Brockwell Gate Management Company Limited.

Lobby Areas and Stairwells: Noise & Cleanliness

Please keep the lobby and stairwell areas of flats clean and quiet for the enjoyment of all your neighbours. In particular, shoes, prams, bicycles, children’s toys etc must not be left in these areas. Such items constitute a health and safety risk, are strictly prohibited by the Fire Brigade, and will be removed by BGMCL.

Security and Access

Please report to the Company any incidences related to security or access to the estate, or other related concerns.  Do not leave any doors propped open, and do not tamper with any locking mechanism, nor leave the door ‘on the latch’. When using the entry phone system, only open doors or gates when you are certain of the identity of the caller.

TV Aerials and Satellite Dishes

No flat may have a satellite dish or external TV aerial. There are communal aerials for the flats. All flats are wired for cable and freeview.

Houses may only have a satellite dish or TV aerial if they are not visible from the estate roadways.


If you have any problems or need to replace your boiler, you may wish to contact residents on the google group to find a recommendation for a plumber.

BGMCL must be informed if a new boiler is to be fitted ahead of any work being undertaken, especially if a new flue is needed. This is required to maintain up to date records for insurance purposes.

Smoking and smoke alarms

Smoking is not permitted by law within the communal areas of the flat blocks or at the doorway.

Please be mindful of your neighbours if smoking outside and step well away from the buildings so that smoke does not waft into their properties.

Please dispose of cigarette butts and packaging safely and do not leave any of this on the grounds or on the floor inside communal areas.

Please ensure that smoke alarms fitted to houses and flats are kept in good working order.


No pets can be kept in flats without the written permission of BGMCL which, if given, shall be by way of licence revocable at will.

In houses, you do not need to seek permission. However, we reserve the right to revoke your rights to keep pets if covenants are broken, e.g. allowing your dog to foul the estate. Livestock cannot be kept at any time.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times on the development.

Washing / Laundry

To maintain the elegant look of the development, no washing can be hung up in windows or on balconies.

Structural Changes or Extensions

House owners: as per the lease, extensions may need not only Lambeth Planning permission but also BGMCL consent. In case of doubt please contact BGMCL for advice.

Flat owners: as per the lease, major works and structural changes are not permitted in the flats. In case of doubt please contact BGMCL for advice.

Absence from the property

Where a flat is left unoccupied, Brockwell Gate Management Company Limited must be informed immediately, for insurance reasons. Please complete this vacant apartment notification form.

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