Estate Facilities

Bin Huts
Refuse Stockade
Bike Sheds
Motorcycle area

Bin huts

There are several bin huts around the development, clearly marked. These are for domestic usage only. Please use the recycled (green) / non-recyclable (silver) bins appropriately. For recycling, posters are clearly displayed on the green bins and on the stockade’s wall.

This blog post has full details of where the bin huts are and what can be recycled.

There are interlopers who come on site to rifle through the bins. Having non-residents on site looking around is a security risk for all of us. Please do not leave items such as clothing in the bins to attract them but give them to charity instead. Please refer to the blog post for details of local charities.

For the same reason, please do not leave unshredded confidential, personal information, e.g. bank statements / letters in your refuse to avoid theft.

For non-domestic waste (such as building waste / commercial / hazardous waste including oil and paint) please use the recycling centres provided by Lambeth, site below:

Refuse Stockade (larger items)

Unwanted bigger/oversized items must be put in the dedicated fenced stockade located on Selwood Street. This stockade is locked for security purpose, but available to all residents.

Please do ensure that you are using this facility appropriately:

  • Do not leave items outside the fence as it is dangerous for the public
  • Do not throw items over the fence as this could cause hazardous bits and pieces inside
  • Do not leave hazardous material/liquid (such as car battery, fridges)
  • This is for domestic waste only
  • It is important to keep the padlock securely locked at all times
  • The padlock code is available by contacting

Bicycles and bike sheds

Bicycles cannot be left in the communal areas of the flats. This is for safety, as advised by the Fire Service, our insurance policy and Health and Safety laws. If you discover a bike in a communal hallway, please contact us so that we can arrange for its removal.

Do not chain bicycles to stairs or other parts of the internal fabric of the flat blocks, nor to the railings, which form part of the estate property. They will be removed and the owner will be charged an administrative fee for its return.

There are 5 gated/closed sheds on the development. Should you want to use these, please contact us, we will provide padlock codes.

Security advice:

  • None of the sheds are marked as such, in order not to draw attention.
  • Be sensible when using these/entering the codes as break ins have occurred in the past. We do not wish to draw attention to the codes.
  • The bikes are left are at bike owner’s risk. BGMCL cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

The bike sheds can get quite full so please be respectful of neighbours and do not leave bikes in there for months if they are no longer used. There are some local charities that are happy to take unused bikes. BGMCL occasionally look through the bike sheds and tag obviously unused/damaged bikes for removal.

Motorcycle area

There is a non-gated motorcycle area which can be used by the residents.

These are used at bike owner’s risk as BGMCL cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

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