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COVID-19 update:

Message from Brockwell Gate Management Company Ltd (BGMCL)

BGMCL have set up this dedicated page in order to provide essential information relevant to the management of the estate during the COVID-19 crisis for everyone living here and for non-resident shareholders.

The board currently has a regular weekly online meeting to review any issues arising on the estate at the present time and government advice relevant to how we should now manage them with health and safety in mind. This page will be amended to reflect anything significant as and when necessary.

Further to previous emails from BGMCL, and in accordance with current government guidelines, the management will only undertake urgent and essential work until further notice, to be decided on a job by job basis as the need arises.

All issues or questions about the running of the estate should only be sent to: info@brockwellgate.co.uk so that they can be prioritised and dealt with directly and as efficiently as possible. A log will be kept of non-urgent issues for when things return to normal.

Any questions and answers that have relevance to everyone will be added to the FAQs below.

BGMCL would like to thank everyone for their help and co-operation in maintaining the place we live in and the community we share during these difficult times.

There is a very good community spirit on the estate with lots of offers of help – please see the google group link below and please join to take part in communications within the estate:


Please do ask for help or offer it to your neighbours.

Stay safe and take care.

Shaun Robertson

Chair, BGMCL

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the cleaners, gardeners and maintenance team be on site?

In line with current government advice, they will not be on site except for emergencies or essential work. Should any of them be required they will be asked to follow the current government guidelines on staying safe.

How can I be sure that an issue will be dealt with if I report it to info@brockwellgate.co.uk?

BGMCL will maintain a log of all messages and record them by date and time. These will be assessed, discussed by the board and ranked in order of urgency. Anything not dealt with immediately but requiring later attention will be dealt with as soon as possible once government restrictions are lifted. You will be informed about the situation as soon as possible.

Will the ongoing programme of works continue as discussed at November’s AGM?

In light of the COVID-19 crisis we have not committed BGMCL to the full programme of repair works discussed and voted on at the AGM in November 2019. However, there are necessary and essential repairs required to deal with severe leaks which have caused great distress to some residents that will be undertaken if safe to do so. These are covered in the on-going repair budget approved at the AGM in November 2019. Any works will be done in line with government guidelines.

BGMCL is committed to the safety of everyone who lives here, and the safety of society in general. These urgent roof repairs to some properties are essential to the health and well-being of those who live in the affected flats.

Will Lambeth Council continue to empty the bins stores?

At present, Lambeth Council continue to empty the bin stores on a regular basis. However, as we are all having a lot more home deliveries, there is extra packaging that needs to be recycled. Please collapse all cardboard packaging and ensure that it is put tidily in a green recycling bin. If your regular bin is full, please locate another – there are 10 bin stores across Brockwell Gate and numerous green recycling bins. Council workers will not empty overloaded and inaccessible bins on collection day which is a potential health and safety hazard for the entire estate. Please help ensure we do not put this vital service into jeopardy.